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If you have a swimming related question that you would like answered please email us and our swimming experts will answer it.

25m Vs 50m

Does training in a 25m pool have the same effect as training in a 50m pool.?
My personal view is that a mixture of the two works best.  You can definitely do more speed orientated work, skill development of starts and turns and finishes in a 25m pool. 

At age nationals how many of the swimmers that medal or final come from a 25m pool?
At a guess I would say they would be fairly even because there tend to be as many 25m pools as 50m pools these days.

Australian Swimming Clubs

Australian Swimming Clubs
hi, my names danny and ive been swimming since i was about 3. its a bit cliche however, i would like to know what competitions i need to get into to actually be part of the olympic team. ive read information about VIS programs, however theyre a little confusing. can you explain to me what exactly i need to do to make in into an australian team?

Thanks for your email. As you have mentioned the VIS I am assuming that you live in Victoria Australia. Depending on how old you are, you need to become involved in a swimming club.
A full list of Swimming Clubs in Victoria can be found here>>

You first need to compete at a swim meets and aim to qualify at your State Championships. Once you have qualified for State Championships, you need to aim to qualify for the Australian Age Championships. Once you have qualified for these you need to aim to qualify for the Australian Open Championships held in March each year. At the Australian Championships, Swimming Australia sets qualifying times and selection criteria which is published on their website at least 6 months prior to each major Championships.

To make an Australian Open Team you must meet the qualifying times set and also meet the selection criterion which is often first or second place, or top three for meets like the Commonwealth Games. There are also many Australian age group and youth teams that are promoted each year and these are normally selected from the Australian Age Championships and Australian Short Course Championships.

Australian Swimming Clubs

Australian Swimming Clubs

Hi, I need more information on technique and swimmer improvement for my daughter cant seem to finish a race with the same speed she starts. Im not sure if she is breathing right. In regards to technique and breathing at the right time, the following references should assist.
Freestyle Technique
Backstroke Technique
Breaststroke Technique
Butterfly Technique

Australian Swimming Clubs

Australian Swimming Clubs

I was wondering if you were planning to include the rankings for Open Water Swimmers on your website for both the 5km and 10km distance, kids and adults?

The only rankings you may find are those for the Grand Prix Series held in Australia once a year or the World Cup series held around the world once a year.

We are not aware of any rankings for Open Water Swimmers in Australia or overseas.  Because every OWS race is completed under different conditions, there is no way of comparing one swimmers time in one open water event which may be conducted in the ocean, to another swimmers time which may be swum in a lake.

There are rankings publicized after each Australian OWS Championship event, however these are only the race results for the open or age group events.

Australian Swimming Clubs

What can I do to help her be stronger in the pool? I also wanted to know how many land and water sessions she should be doing at her age and what sort of break between sessions?

I have been teaching Swimming for over 10 years and coaching squad for about the last 2 years. I have a boy in my squad who also does Triathlon. His parents have brought him to me as when he swims freestyle he does not use a flutter kick. He instead uses Breaststroke kick.  I have tried alot of drills to try and break this kick and make him flutter kick. Can you please give me some suggestions on what I can do?
Chris. VIC

Hi Chris,
This is actually a very common problem with children who are natural breaststrokers!
You have a couple of options:
1. Train him to enter breaststroke events because he will probably do really well over time (however they may not want to hear this!)
2.Provide him with stretching exercises for his ankles and feet – dorsi flex then planter flex as well as doing circles with his ankles. There is no quick fix solution and it often takes time and concentration on the swimmers behalf to improve it.

Australian Swimming Clubs

What can I do to help her be stronger in the pool? I also wanted to know how many land and water sessions she should be doing at her age and what sort of break between sessions?

Where do I get advice on how to swim in rough sea - not surf but waves in port Phillip Bay?

Hi Bryan,
The best source for you is freestyle_technique with the following modifications to swim in open water:
1. Every 20 strokes, lift your head slightly to ensure you are heading in the right direction;
2. With your arm recovery, you may need to swing your hand a little bit higher than normal to ensure that your hands do not hit the waves when recovering;
3. Technique under the water is exactly the same as what is in the freestyle tips;
4. You may need to turn your face slightly higher than normal when you breathe so that you do not take in mouthfuls of water;
5. If the waves are coming from one side of your body, breathe to the other side to avoid taking a mouthful of water.

Australian Swimming Clubs

I can't find the link so here is the question - where do I get advice on how to swim in rough sea - not surf but waves in port Phillip Bay.

My name is Eliza. I am 10 years old. We live over an hour away from my swimming club, so I often only get to train 2 sometimes 3 times a week. I live on a farm. I would like to try and do some other sort of training that I can do at home so I will get faster in the pool. I know this is not the best way, but I know that as I get older I need to train more.
Eliza, NSW

Hi Eliza,
There are many different exercises that you can do to improve your swimming.

Stretching is very important part of your exercise and One Hundred Stretches: Head to Toe Stretches for Exercises & Sports is very good book for guiding you through on what stretches to do.

In regards to exercises, the first series of exercises should be based around improving your fitness. If you like walking or running, then you can do some of this around the farm. It will help you to get fit and build up your lung capacity.

You can also try some exercises to improve your core body strength. General exercises like sit-ups and push-ups, burpees and dips are very good. You could even put together a circuit outside your home where you may do a whole series of exercises as a circuit. You could start with 30 sec of exercise and 30 sec rest with 8 different stations (or exercises). After 2 weeks increase the number of stations to 10 and increase the time you do exercise to 40 sec with 20 sec rest. Two weeks late increase exercise to 50 sec and have 10 sec rest.

You could work towards doing 12 exercises, which would take 12 minutes and eventually do the circuit twice, with a two minute break at halfway.

As far as specific exercises you can get a number of good books:

Fitness for Children

Progressive Plyometrics for Kids with DVD

Fitness Training for Girls:
A Teen Girl's Guide to Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning and Nutrition

You can also look around these websites for other books or DVDs that may be of interest.

Australian Swimming Clubs

Why do swimmers have to train so early in the morning in many of the top clubs in our State?

Hi can you please tell me if a 10 year old boy is allowed to compete in the 1500 and 800 metre freestyle event in a swimming club in the Rockhampton region?
Leslieane, Rockhampton, Queensland

Hi Leslieane,
It is often difficult to find 800m and 1500m freestyle events for younger swimmers. When these two events are held in local, regional or State competitions they often have a qualifying time which the swimmer must have swum to enter the event. The reason it is hard to find 800 & 1500m events in most swim meet programs is because of the time it takes to run the event.

We have not been able to locate the contact details of any swimming club in Rockhampton; however your best bet would be to phone your closest swimming club and ask them if they have any 800 or 1500m freestyle events for 10 year olds. Most Clubs run a distance time-trial meet at least once a year.

If you still have problems, please contact Swimming Queensland

Australian Swimming Clubs

It is often difficult to find 800m and 1500m freestyle events for younger swimmers.

I wonder if you might have any information regarding what would be the best water temperature for an outdoor primary school swimming pool? The pool is used by children aged 5 to 12 during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year. What temperature range would you recommend? Thank you.

If you are looking to run learn-to-swim in the pool, I would suggest somewhere between 30.5 degrees C and 31.5 degrees C, depending of course on the air temperature.  If the air temperature is normally 25 degrees C or above during the day you may be able to keep the pool water temperature a degree or two less than this.

For a squad training pool, 27.5 to 29.5 degrees C would be more suitable with 28.5 probably ideal.

Australian Swimming Clubs

Australian Swimming Clubs

A book for competitive swimmers by Gary Barclay - A Great Resource for Swimmers, Parents and Coaches in Australia
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