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50 Swim Tips

By Gary Barclay
Tips on how to improve your breathing in freestyle.
Note: More articles on swimming technique for all strokes can be found at the bottom of the coaches page

By Gary Barclay
There were many close races, favourites won and favourites lost. Swimmers swam world records and still didn’t win. The relays were very fast, with the major upset in the relays, the Women’s 4 x 200 team came out of no where to win the gold medal.

This article covers the top 5 things that I learnt from watching the Olympics.

By Gary Barclay
With the Olympics on our doorstep, there are many ways swimmers can use the Games to improve their own swimming. Swimming is one of the major sports at the Olympics and the television coverage will provide all swimmers, with the opportunity to watch and analyse the techniques used by the best swimmers in the world.

Nutrition for Swimmers eBook

Nutrition for Swimmers ( eBook)
The big question asked by swimming parents around the world is :
What food do I give my child to help them become a successful swimmer ? The answer is now available!

A book for competitive swimmers by Gary Barclay - A Great Resource for Swimmers, Parents and Coaches in Australia
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