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50 Swim Tips

The Benefits of Swimming – Part 1
By Gary Barclay
Swimming is a wonderful sport and provides healthy recreational exercise to all participants.  The sport of swimming is popular in many countries around the world and every young child should be offered the opportunity of learning to swim.

The Benefits of Swimming – Part 2
By Gary Barclay
Amongst the benefits from a well directed swimming program children learn how to win and how to lose, something that is very important in this sport. 

Swimming is a Wonderful Sport for Children
By Gary Barclay
For many parents having a “swimmer” in the family is not something they planned.  Most swimmers begin in a learn-to-swim program and progress through to advanced lessons. From there they are asked to complete a couple of sessions in a junior squad and before you know it they are entrenched and absorbed by the sport of swimming.

Teaching Independence & Interdependence
By Gary Barclay
One of the great aspects of belonging to a Swimming Club is the opportunity for the club to provide training and competition experiences to assist all swimmers to become both independent and interdependent.

Parent Support of Swimmers – How much is too much?
By Gary Barclay
In the sport of swimming, it is recommended that parents take an active interest in their child’s participation through providing the child with basic necessities such as the finances and the transportation needed in order to train and compete as well as the daily love, care and encouragement that a child needs. It is of paramount importance that swimmers are encouraged and supported whether or not they are perceived to be a success or failure.

"Swimming for Parentsí is a must for all parents of swimmmers so they can get the most out of the sport of swimming. "

A book for competitive swimmers by Gary Barclay - A Great Resource for Swimmers, Parents and Coaches in Australia
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