FINA Approved Swimwear

FINA Approved Swimwear for 2017
Approved Swim Suits and Swim Caps

FINA is the international body for the sport of swimming.

To keep everything fair for all swimmers, FINA monitor swimwear from around the world and ensure that it meets certain criteria to be suitable to wear for major swimming competitions.

Each year, FINA releases a list of FINA Approved Swimwear that must be worn at FINA Championships and the Olympic Games.  In fact, the swimwear must be on the approved list to compete at other FINA events and qualification events for FINA Championships. FINA approved swimwear must also be worn for international sanctioned competitions, for example the Commonwealth Games, and a world records are only recognised if swum in FINA approved swimwear.

FINA 2017 List of Approved suits –

For the most current list of approved swim suits please see

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