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Our feature writer at is Gary Barclay.

Gary is a leader in aquatic education in Australia and around the world.  He is a regular lecturer and keynote speaker at the Australian Swim Coaches and Teachers Convention each year and was a keynote speaker at the New Zealand Coaches and Teachers Conference in 2006 and the keynote speaker at the Swedish Teachers and Coaches Conference in 2010.

As a former National level swimmer, swimming teacher, swimming coach, athlete manager, and one of the leading Swimming Club Managers in the sport of swimming today, Gary brings together his experiences as articles for all readers of this website.

Gary has been involved in the sport of swimming for the last 35 years and worked actively as a coach and manager for the past 20 years.

Gary is the author of the book “Swimming for Parents”, which has received rave reviews from parents, coaches and teenage swimmers from all over the world.

This book is one of a kind and was written to provide parents with the skills and knowledge to fully support their child in the sport of swimming.  The book has gone one step further though and is utilised by coaches of junior and age group swimmers to help them educate the parents of swimmers in their program and also to educate themselves on what parents may be thinking in different situations.

Gary has also received feedback from many teenage swimmers who have also read the book and more fully understand the importance of a strong coach / swimmer relationship and the role their parents play in the sport.

The book has become a true resource for swimming parents and has sold into more than 20 countries in its first year of release.  There is also an exciting affiliate program that allows clubs, districts, LSCs, State and National Swimming Associations to sell the book through their website and receive a 10% commission for every book sold… and they do not have to do anything else!

New articles will be added to this website on a regular basis and we thank Gary for sharing these with us.

Butterfly Technique

It is important to develop good timing, technique and rhythm in butterfly over shorter distances before attempting any longer swims. BODY POSITION The body is never in a perfectly streamlined position as the stroke relies on continuous undulation of the body to effect the propulsive movements ARM ACTION The first movement of the hands is […]

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Freestyle Technique

The freestyle stroke is the fastest, most efficient stroke, because it maintains the body in a streamlined position with the limbs able to apply constant propulsive forces due to the arms alternating action and the continuous flutter action of the legs. BODY POSITION A streamlined body position is required with arms extended above the head. […]

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Teaching Independence & Interdependence

One of the great aspects of belonging to a Swimming Club is the opportunity for the club to provide training and competition experiences to assist all swimmers to become both independent and interdependent. Independence is very important in society today and there are many ways that swimmers can learn to become independent.  Swimmers should take […]

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The Benefits of Swimming – Part 1

Swimming is a wonderful sport and provides healthy recreational exercise to all participants.  The sport of swimming is popular in many countries around the world and every young child should be offered the opportunity of learning to swim. While many children in developed countries begin swimming lessons to preserve their own life, those who continue […]

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