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The Junior Competitive Swimmer

The Junior Competitive Swimmer – Article by Gary Barclay There are many new skills that children will learn when they move into a junior squad. Children will develop the ability to train and to race effectively. The focus will be on improving already established skills and developing excellence in racing and training skills like streamlining, […]

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Denmark announces Olympic Swim Team

On Friday, the Danish Swimming Union, Dansk Svømmeunion (DS), announced a 15-swimmer team for the 2016 Olympics in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Team members are:   -females (6): Pernille Blume, Sarah Bro, Lotte Friis, Julie Kepp Jensen, Mie Ø. Nielsen, Jeanette Ottesen and Rikke Møller Pedersen.   -males (8): Viktor Bromer, Søren Dahl, […]

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Spain announce Olympic Swim Team

The Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, Real Federación Española de Natación (RFEN), today has posted its finalized Swimming team for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August. The post expands the team to 23 from the 11 who qualified in March at the 2016 Spain Spring Championships. Team members are:   -males (13): […]

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Hungary Olympic Swim Team Named

Last week, the Hungarian Swimming Association, Magyar Úszó Szövetség (MUSZ), announced that 29 swimmers have already qualified for Hungary’s team to the 2016 Olympics. Qualified swimmers are:   -males (19): Gábor Balog, Péter Bernek, Richárd Bohus, László Cseh, Dávid Földházi, Dániel Gyurta, Gergely Gyurta, Péter Holoda, Tamás Kenderesi, Bence Király, Gergo Kis, Dominik Kozma, Márk […]

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