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Butterfly Technique

It is important to develop good timing, technique and rhythm in butterfly over shorter distances before attempting any longer swims. BODY POSITION The body is never in a perfectly streamlined position as the stroke relies on continuous undulation of the body to effect the propulsive movements ARM ACTION The first movement of the hands is […]

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Freestyle Technique

The freestyle stroke is the fastest, most efficient stroke, because it maintains the body in a streamlined position with the limbs able to apply constant propulsive forces due to the arms alternating action and the continuous flutter action of the legs. BODY POSITION A streamlined body position is required with arms extended above the head. […]

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Teaching Independence & Interdependence

One of the great aspects of belonging to a Swimming Club is the opportunity for the club to provide training and competition experiences to assist all swimmers to become both independent and interdependent. Independence is very important in society today and there are many ways that swimmers can learn to become independent.  Swimmers should take […]

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The Benefits of Swimming – Part 1

Swimming is a wonderful sport and provides healthy recreational exercise to all participants.  The sport of swimming is popular in many countries around the world and every young child should be offered the opportunity of learning to swim. While many children in developed countries begin swimming lessons to preserve their own life, those who continue […]

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